A snapshot of the American Hispanic Sports Fan and their Digital Dependence


Hispanics in the United States representing one of the fastest-growing, and highly coveted (by marketers), demographics these days. And, not only are they some of the biggest sports fans in this sports-crazed country, they also over-index in their avidity, as well as their use of mobile and digital content consumption.

The research team at ESPN recently conducted a media call to discuss their findings after studying Hispanics in the US, and their fan habits, in 2014. Here are some key takeaways:

  • There are currently 37 million Hispanic Sports fans in the US

According to an ESPN Deportes poll on Hispanic sports fans in the US:

  • 34% are avid sports fans (8-10 on 1-10 scale) Over-index on fan avidity; the ones that drive viewership, game attendance, and merchandise purchases
  •  Bilingual Hispanics are the biggest sports fans, especially. 40% of bilingual Hispanics consider themselves avid sports fans
  • The average non-Hispanic is an avid fan of 3.1 sports or leagues while an Hispanic is an avid fan of 3.6 different sports, and a bilingual Hispanic is an avid fan of 4.4 sports or leagues
    • The reasoning is that bilingual Hispanics are fans of sports of their parents and fans of sports of their American friends

Per Nielsen Ratings

  • Among the total US population and a study of all TV networks in 2014, NFL is most viewed sport with 21% of all sports viewing minutes, College Football is second at 9%, Soccer at #3 (boosted by World Cup in 2014), NBA #4, Olympics #5, College Basketball, Golf, MLB, and NHL
  • For white fans, the rankings are the same except golf, MLB, and NASCAR move up, while NBA and soccer drop down
  • For non-Hispanic blacks, NBA moves up to #2, CBB moves up, tennis enters at 9, boxing enters at 10
  • For Hispanics, soccer is tops, getting ~ 33% of sports viewing minutes, followed by NFL, NBA, and MLB. Then CFB, CBB, boxing, and wrestling
    • Spanish-speaking only Hispanics watch less NFL and NBA, but soccer, [37%] wrestling, and boxing increases
      • Most popular soccer league among Latinos is Mexican league soccer, along with other international clubs that have Mexicans on them tend to be popular, too.
  • Hispanics tend to live in larger households, over-indexing with more people and fewer TV sets in the household (0.79 TV’s/person vs. 1.2 TV’s/person), so more shared TV viewing experiences – “co-viewing.”
  • 80% of all Hispanics live in a household speaking both English and Spanish
  • ESPN reaches 20 million Hispanics/week across all platforms in the US
  • Most of the Hispanics consuming ESPN content (41%) use both English and Spanish content from ESPN and they are the heaviest users, representing 52% of all usage (further reinforcing Bilinguals are biggest sports fans)
  • 64% of ESPN Hispanic users are using more than one platform, compared to 52% of total ESPN audience (going back to fewer TV’s per person in the household)
  • The average Hispanic spends 90 hours/month online vs. 86 hours for non-Hispanics; 75% of Hispanic online time is on a mobile device
    • Hispanics on mobile devices is up 33% year-over-year
    • 46% of online Hispanics are visiting a sports site at least once/month
    • 65% of mobile online Hispanics are visiting a sports site at least once/month
  • Hispanics spent 61 billion minutes/month on desktop computers and 160 billion minutes on mobile devices (+ 39% YOY)
  • Of all Hispanics on smart phones, 6x more time is spent on apps than browsers
  • Hispanics over-index for online video, +45 minutes/month viewing online video than average American (including +61% YOY on mobile)

On sponsorship

  • From a study of one digital sponsorship, those aware of the sponsorship had higher brand favorability (64% vs. 43%) and were more likely to say the sponsorship had an impact on their purchase decision
  • Multi-platform sponosrship is most effective; looking at a specific ESPN Deportes sponsorship, those exposed on one platform were 27% more brand-aware, two platforms -> 48% aware, 3+ platforms 53% aware
    • Also more platforms led to higher consideration for the brand
    • In a study looking at English-only ads, Spanish-only ads, and a mix of content performed the best

So there you have it. Hispanics tend to be more avid fans, fans of more sports/leagues, over-index with digital and mobile, and, in general, digital sponsorship delivers results in sports business.

What are your key takeaways and actionable reaction steps from this information?

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