Episode 153: Best Of the Digital and Social Media Sports Podcast: Ravens, Coyotes, Michigan, Voice, Insights, and More

Listen to episode 153 of the Digital and Social Media Sports podcast, a Best Of edition, with Brian Wagner of Michigan Athletics (full episode), Josh Cooper of The Athletic (full episode), Jon Kingston of the Arizona Coyotes (full episode), Garrett Downing of the Baltimore Ravens (full episode), Karen Freberg of the University of Louisville (full episode), Mike Metzler of Conviva (full episode), Dan Marrazza then with the Vegas Golden Knights / now with DraftKings (full episode).


Episode 150: The Perspective and Point of View from a Sports Fan

Listen to episode 150, a special episode, of the Digital and Social Media Sports podcast with Steven Horowitz, Purchasing Manager at KirE Builders, brother of the host of the podcast, and a ‘normal’ sports fan (i.e. one who hasn’t worked in sports!)


69 minute duration. Subscribe to the podcast via iTunes or listen on Stitcher

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