Baseball is Back…Learn from the #SMSports Pros Leading the Way in #MLB

The 2015 Major League Baseball season is here, which means 162+ games for each team to engage fans and roll out the next phase of digital and social media innovations and activations!

With that in mind, it is my pleasure to share some of the great guests from MLB that have graced the Digital and Social Media Sports Podcast. Give them a listen and/or check out the Slideshare recaps for each and get some unique insight into social and digital media in big league ball! Thanks again to each of these guests for sharing their time and knowledge and best of luck to all as the first pitch is delivered to usher in another MLB season!

Bryan Srabian, San Francisco Giants

Josh Tucker, Los Angeles Dodgers (he is now with William Morris Endeavor)

Will Carafello, New York Mets

Mac Slavin, Detroit Tigers

Jesse Agler, San Diego Padres

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