Shareable Stats from the Digital and Social Media Sports Podcast

After the first seven episodes of the Digital and Social Media Sports podcast, we have learned a lot from our guests, with helpful tools, and shareable stats. This post reviews the “share-able stats” from the first seven episodes. Check them out, learn from them, and, of course, SHARE THEM!

1. 80% of a home team’s fans talk about their team every day of the season

2. 35% of [corporate] marketing budget is online. Would like it to be 50% – GM of Volkswagen

3. a) 70% of NFL fans are consuming NFL content on a 2nd screen while watching games; b) 30 million users created more than 60 million interactions related to the league’s opening week.

4. 80% of sporting apparel — college or not — is purchased by women, but only 18% of that is for women.


5. 48% of sports fans check their smart phone during live events

6. Women represent 45% of the NFL total fan base and 33% of the NFL viewing audience

7. World Series game 6 had 19.2 million TV viewers, estimated Twitter TV audience [seeing tweets about the game] was 8.4 million


Posted by Neil Horowitz

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