Social Media Focus Group: Give Sports Fans A Voice

On Wednesday, October 23, the Anaheim Ducks held a “social media focus group,” using a CoverItLive chat between fans and the Ducks’ Director of New Media and Publications, Adam Brady.
While I am not sure of the volume of fans that participated, a solid core of highly engaged and active “superfans” [and social media brand ambasssadors, so to speak] gave great insight into what fans want from social media and their favorite teams.

My key takeaways from viewing the chat can be seen here.

View the full live chat archive.


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  • Fans check stats during game
  • Details of box score plays – penalties, goals, assists, etc. #Fantasy
  • More in-game pics is typically never a bad thing
  • Avoid long periods of silence with in-game tweeting, even if nothing big is happening
  • Fans go to Twitter for clarification when confused
  • Fans WANT personality – try to match their tone
    – Fans love seeing engagement with other teams…but heed brand/maturity
    – Engagment with players; from team and opposing teams is ‘fun’ too…again, tread carefully; what’s the value of it? [follower growth?]
  • Some fans prefer more detailed play-by-play, others do not. Compromise: Provide play-by-play PLUS additional value – statistic, photo, fun fact, etc.
  • Fans can’t get enough video; highlights can be re-watched or shared; mobile-friendly is always better
  • Give fans GIFs; they’re not just for SB Nation, Buzzfeed, etc.
  • Give fans any little insight into player personalities; quotes, quips, fun observations during practices, etc.
  • Fans are indifferent with mascot accounts, but don’t mind having a ‘voice of the fans’ if they feel official team isn’t providing it
  • Don’t go overboard with RT’ing of fans, but good to show you’re paying attention and to recognize sometimes
  • Don’t underestimate the value of DMing fans; one-on-one relationships
  • An App should serve specific purposes for STHers; improve their experience
  • Most important parts of an App: Schedule, Stats, Video, Standings, [Wallpaper + ring tones]
  • There is interest in mobile, paperless tickets

The best way to learn what fans want is to ask!!!

Posted by Neil Horowitz

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