Working in Sports: Advice from Sports Business Pros

The University of Michigan Ross School of Business hosted the Sport Business Conference with leaders from sports media and business speaking about, among other things, HOW TO BREAK INTO SPORTS BIZ.

Some keys:

– Relationships are key and nothing beats face-to-face contact (when possible)

– It’s not about who you know, it’s about WHO KNOWS YOU.

– Figure out what you’re good at and master it so you can show that you can BRING VALUE with your skills.

– Most important skills: 1) Sales skills [proven track record is a big bonus!], 2) Ability to write well

Sports Business

– Be ready and willing to do anything

– Differentiate yourself from the crowd

– Sportsbiz is broad so get started wherever and whenever you can and start BUILDING UNIQUE SKILLS AND RELATIONSHIPS!

Posted by Neil Horowitz

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