Episode 185: Best Of the Digital and Social Media Sports Podcast – Insights on NBA, MLB, ECHL, Gamecocks, and more

Listen to episode 185 of the Digital and Social Media Sports podcast, Best Of episodes 123-129. Included are parts of interviews with

  • Kris Koivisto, now with T-Mobile and formerly with STN Digital and the Portland Trail Blazers (full episode)
  • Val Persinger, now with the Rapid City Rush, formerly with the ECHL (full episode)
  • Eric Nichols, South Carolina Athletics, formerly with Vanderbilt Athletics (full episode)
  • Jim Cavale, INFLCR, formerly with Iron Tribe (full episode)
  • Joel Hammond, The Adcom Group, formerly with the Cleveland Indians (full episode)
  • April Whitzman, Rover, formerly w/ Toronto Blue Jays (full episode)

94 minute duration. Subscribe to the podcast via iTunes or listen on Spotify or Stitcher

Posted by Neil Horowitz Follow me on Twitter @njh287   Connect on LinkedIn

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