Turning Social Media Fire Into a Content Conflagration

You’re sitting on some fire content. Maybe it’s a sick move in practice, a funny moment in the locker room, or a goosebumps-inducing story that just played out. Particularly in this new era when even the best content can feel like it has the lifespan of a fruit fly, it can feel obligatory to get it out on the right places in the shortest amount of time.

But when content is your best currency, it’s important to get the biggest bang for your buck, to turn a mole hill into a mountain.

And that means not just serving the content in many forms and each social network [“exclusive” to a platform is overrated], not just repurposing it to make it last more like days than minutes, no, it means thinking about how it can help the entire landscape for the team or organization – digital, social, marketing, email, even print and in-game. This website is named for Digital and Social Media in Sports because it’s as true today as it was when this website was established, a social media manager’s job is about so much more than social.

Tyler Moorehead knows from his current role at FOX Sports after a prior tenure with the Oakland Raiders, that you always have to think platform-agnostic and multi-platform at all times. “I’d encourage anyone running social at a brand…to think more than just Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,” he said. “And how can you affect apps, how can you affect the website….how can you liaison with TV and get our product there?”

So when a piece of content, a storyline, or, yes, a hot take, starts moving the needle, there needs to be a man your battle stations mentality, or at least a consideration of as many platforms and touch points, as possible. Good content is good content and, in the hands of a talented team, can be repackaged a number of ways, and it can all be tied back to greater organizational goals.

“We’re always looking at the analytics and what’s trending…” said Moorehead. “So if we see a piece of content that’s engaging we’ll certainly look to see how we can stretch that conversation, how we can repurpose it, or maybe next time they’re on the air…allow the talent to talk for themselves.”

Not every piece content or every story needs to be plastered across platforms, but when you have a content gem at hand, it behooves one to consider how it potentially can help as many places as possible for the organization or the team. Figure out, whether it’s selecting places to package or post, how a fire piece of content can help the organization accomplish what it wants to accomplish, to milk great content for all its worth in the most effective and efficient way possible.

“When you see something and you capture gold, you really wanna get it out there fast, but I think taking a second to pause and think ‘How can we get the most out of this content?…, “said Moorehead. “And while sometimes it can feel right to leave something as (a platform exclusive)…You’re there for the brand more than the partner (platform)…I think stretching your content is really important, as well.”

We’re in an era of an overwhelming amount of content and the constant feeling that you need to create more, lest you miss out on capitalizing on the fleeting moment or getting beat to it or getting overcome by something bigger. But thoughtfulness and strategy still have a place in this sped-up world and it is those teams that can capitalize best on their content, get the most out of their opportunity and investment, that will win in the end.

LISTEN to my full conversation with Tyler Moorehead <– Great stuff!

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