How #SportsBiz Pros Got Started Working In Sports (Part 2 of 3)

I have had the privilege on the Digital and Social Media Sports podcast of speaking with several pros working in and around the sports business field. Some got into sports straight out of school while others had more circuitous paths. All of their stories are informative, so check out how a handful of sports pros got their foot in the door in this incredible industry. This is part two of three!

Peter Robert Casey, Founder of Sports Passport (previously also with Team Epiphany)


Chad Coleman, Social Media Manager at Callaway Golf


Kevin DeShazo, Founder and CEO of Fieldhouse Media


Tariq Ahmad, Social Business Manager at IBM, host/co-founder of #SMSportschat, PhD in Sport Administration (Social Media emphasis)




Jon Rosen, LA Kings Insider (reporter)


Brad Friedman, Founder and CEO B3 Connect (mobile app developer) and FanServ (sports mobile app ad server)


Kelly Mosier, Nebraska Huskers Director of Digital Media


A lot of different paths and stories to learn from. Check out part 1 for more and look out for part two, soon. And, of course, share this post with any aspiring or current sportsbiz pros!

Posted by Neil Horowitz

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