How #SportsBiz Pros Got Started Working In Sports (Part 1 of 3)

I have had the privilege on the Digital and Social Media Sports podcast of speaking with several pros working in and around the sports business field. Some got into sports straight out of school while others had more circuitous paths. All of their stories are informative, so check out how a handful of sports pros got their foot in the door in this incredible industry. This is part one of three!

Bryan Srabian, Director of Social Media for the San Francisco Giants Major League Baseball club


 Chris Yandle, Assistant Athletic Director for Communications with Georgia Tech Athletics


James Royer, Director of Digital and Social Media for the Tampa Bay Lightning


Brian Gainor, Global Sports and Entertainment Consultant with GMR Marketing


Tim Cary, Sports writer for Wall St. Cheat Sheet, formerly Social Media Editor


Chris Kosmala, Manager of CRM & Technology with Comcast-Spectacor/Fan One Marketing


Bryan Bedford, ‎Senior Business Development Manager-Global Domain & Partner Lead, Sports & Entertainment at Cisco Systems


Jake Duhaime, Marketing Manager at Thuzio, formerly worked in social & digital media with the Detroit Red Wings


Josh Tucker, Social Media Manager at William Morris Endeavor / IMG, formerly Social Media Coordinator for the LA Dodgers


A lot of different paths and stories to learn from. Look out for parts two and three, soon, and share this post with any aspiring or current sportsbiz pros!

Posted by Neil Horowitz

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