#Sportsbiz Stats Worth Sharing and Considering, Part 3

Every episode of the Digital and Social Media Sports podcast includes a “sharable stat,” a compelling statistic related to the digital and social media sports world. Here, I present part 3 (part 1 here; part 2 here) of some of these sharable stats for your easy enjoyment…and sharing and learning! THE STATS –

44% of Twitter users have never sent a single tweet

This compelling statistic means a lot of things, but a couple of takeaways include 1) The Twitter sentiment and vocal fans do NOT represent anything close to a majority so don’t treat it as such, even if this crowd is more vocal (influential?) than average; and 2) Don’t always think about fishing for retweets, favorites, or even (to some extent) link clicks; instead, be mindful of what Twitter CAN deliver: brand/message awareness, web traffic, connecting with influencers, and more!

Instagram garners 58x more engagement than Facebook and 120x more engagement than Twitter
Per Forrester Research report 2014

Do NOT take this as a grand statement about the three big players in social media. For one, Instagram engagement (consisting of likes and comments, much of which is spam) is equivalent to its Facebook and Twitter brethren, let alone its reach. Prioritize what ‘engagement’ means for your brand, for your campaign, for your individual post when evaluating the most effective platform for each given case with your organization.

85% of all tweets sent during “primetime” hours are about sports
From the SBJ Activation Summit

Not too much of a shocker here as sports comprises so much of live primetime viewership. This not only serves as a reminder for why Twitter is essential for your sports team, but also reinforces the powerful, potential two-way nature Twitter allows during live sports. The fans, more than at any other time, are active and aware during these primetime hours and can be reached with engagement, with relevant messaging (amplified by TV and other ads simultaneously), and calls-to-action. Sales funnel movement, etc. can also take place at this time of heightened activity (and emotion).

100% of NHL  First Round Draftees on Twitter

In the 2014 NHL Entry Draft, every single player drafted in the first round (which included players from inside and outside the U.S.). The phenomenon of players using social media in sports is far from the novelty it once was; it is now something to be managed, analyzed, and optimized at all levels, whether a player trying to project an image or brand (from the first day their notoriety hits), a team presenting a voice and outlet for fans, and more. The generation coming up now, and those to come, ARE on social media, for better or for worse. Be prepared. Be excited.

60,000: The NBA’s Orlando Magic collected 60,000 names for their database by offering free WiFi in-arena during the 2013-14 season
(via Orlando Magic VP Anthony Perez at SBJSFF)

One of my favorite stats — WiFi at the arena is not only about creating a better, connected experience for fans, while also presenting possibilities for incredible interaction with fans and venue, it is about DATA. Provision of WiFi opens up an incredible opportunity to get data from fans, learn more about what they want and use and need, and, ultimately, creating better offers, better experiences, and developing a more comprehensive, genuine picture of your fans and their experiences.

Engagement on tweets with photos was 110% higher than tweets with links (next “best” type of tweet)
via Simply Measured

Confirming what many of us have already known and suspected! But don’t get excessive by forcing photos as this will only alienate users. A couple of other considerations — pull quotes/big text can make effective tweet visuals, too, and it remains to be seen how tweets with Twitter cards will compare to more traditional tweets with a photo and link. It also remains to be seen how tweets with multiple photos, Vines, etc. compare.

45.4% of respondents said ‘“sponsored content” agreed is a form of advertising that can be more relevant to me’
via Hubshout

When the right brand makes the right content with the right partner, it can be harmonious. It starts with quality content and knowing your fans. Give them more of what they want and, sponsored or not, it will be welcomed!

90% of consumers would recommend a brand to others after interacting with them on social media.
via (Internet Advertising Bureau / IAB)

Biggest takeaway from this stat — Consumers like brands that INTERACT with them. Engage, listen, answer, respond, acknowledge. If your organization’s Twitter timeline is heavy on broadcasting and short on responses and connections, you may want to reconsider. Don’t miss out on the positive activity and sentiment that stems from each and every interaction between brand and customer, team and fan.

 -0.4%;, total MLB attendance was down 0.4% YOY for the 2014 regular season

With dwindling attendance falling across all sports, pro and college, perhaps Major League Baseball can be less desperate when it comes to attendance and focus more on driving revenue from these fans, creating more digital assets and content, and trying to reach and engage fans of new and emerging demographics. The most important question for MLB is the profile of fans attending, and following, games. Tracking these changes over time are essential for any team, league, and brand. Value the longtime fans while fostering the next generation of them, too. Of course, easier said than done.


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