#Sportsbiz Stats Worth Sharing and Considering

Every episode of the Digital and Social Media Sports podcast includes a “sharable stat,” a compelling statistic related to the digital and social media sports world. Here, I present part 1 of some of these sharable stats for your easy enjoyment…and sharing and learning! THE STATS —

80% of a home team fan talks about their team every day of the season (SSAC13)

This number was thrown out at the Sloan Sports and Analytics Conference 2014 at MIT by an NFL team and speaks to the unquenchable thirst and desire for content and conversation related to one’s favorite team. And what is your job as a social media manager for the team? Give them content and story lines and forums to talk and share and dominate that watercooler!

35% of marketing budget is online. Would like it to be 50% – GM of Volkswagen via NBA/NHLSummit.

Marketing managers readily admit their customer base is increasingly consuming content, conversing, and researching in a digital, online environment. And this activity is more traceable than ever before. Yet the actual ad spending has been slow to adapt from more traditional channels. This disconnect expects to change soon as budgets finally begin to effect realities.

70% of NFL fans are consuming NFL content on a 2nd screen while watching games

This just in — watching the actual game only comprises a portion of most NFL fans’ experience of consuming a game and other related content. Whether on a PC, laptop, or mobile  device, fans are ripe to consume a second screen. The challenge, of course, is finding the right content for the fan and for the team to serve on this screen. The fact is there is no single right answer; each fan segment/persona will want something different. But, regardless, a lot of them want something. 70% or more, now, actually!

Shareable Stat: (via Kristi Dosh, @SportBizMiss) – 80% of sporting apparel — college or not — is purchased by women, but only 18% of that is for women.

Women like to shop. For all the stereotypes about female fans in sports, a lot of them still like to shop. Many are purchasing sports apparel; but not many are buying sports apparel for themselves, instead, presumably, for kids, spouses, and significant others. More and more Facebook and Instagram pics are of couples posing at the game in matching jerseys. The takeaway point from this stat, of course, is the dearth of female fashion options in the sports apparel space. That seems to be changing, gradually, as teams and leagues realize the huge latent market in this space.

According to TMobile, data, 48% of fans check their smart phone during live events
(via the recent Sports Business Journal Sports Marketing Symposium, hosted by Group CSE)

Whether they’re texting, engaging on social media, searching for something, or snapping a video/photo, nearly half of fans are checking their mobile phones during live events. So are they engaging with your content? Do you know what they’re doing or want to be doing? Does your location / venue have connectivity in place to allow for smart phone usage in all forms during a live event? All important questions; many of which an owned WiFi connection in your venue can help answer.

Women represent 45% of #NFL fan base and 33% of the NFL viewing audience based on Nielsen data
(via Scarborough Research)

The importance of female NFL fans has continually been underscored this season with some of the off-field news erupting and magnifying the macho, misogynistic culture of which some would accuse the NFL. And these stats, based off the 2013 season, show important it is for the league to recognize, serve, appreciate, and, perhaps most importantly, maintain and grow this base of female fans. There are a lot more ladies out there ready to become mega NFL fans than males that have been reached and served by the league and sport for decades.

While 2013 World Series game 6 had 19.2 million TV viewers, estimated Twitter TV audience [seeing tweets about the game] was 8.4 million

This is an interesting ratio to keep an eye on in sports as Twitter and live sports become increasingly tied together to drive tune-in and engagement with properties and assets while watching a game. Will it increase, as more flock to Twitter for a 2nd screen, or will it decrease, as the number of 2nd screen options continues to grow for sports fans?

A properly crafted blog/post/story headline can increase traffic up to 500%,
[via a study by SEO agency Conductor]

This sharable stat isn’t just relevant for bloggers and B2B marketers. A well-crafted headline, with just a slight nod toward SEO, can deliver evergreen search results and hits today and into the future. Search is still a primary web activity and, with more and more sites out there for sports content and ticket sales, teams and leagues and organizations must take advantage of every potential aspect that can assure fans arrive to their results and their pages.

Which stats leave you pondering the most? Be sure to share and discuss them and look for Part 2 soon!

Posted by Neil Horowitz

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