University of Kentucky Coach John Calipari on Social Media and Sports

On ESPN’s College Gameday show on Saturday, February 15, University of Kentucky men’s basketball coach John Calipari, on Twitter himself, was asked his thoughts on social media. Below are some notable quotes from his interview.

–         I don’t think our recruits are on my Twitter

–         It makes you transparent with your fans and connects

–         It helps you connect with your fans

–         I don’t read one response…I had to hire someone for all these followers, but they’re mine.

–         I’m afraid I’m going to press the wrong button and it’s going to go to people

–         It makes you transparent. It’s hard now to be defined an agenda-driven media because you can now be transparent – ‘This is who I am.'”

–         You’re making a positive impact. Giving out messages that build other people. Giving people an idea of why I’m doing and be transparent.

–         If you interact, you’re out of your mind. If I had to worry about what all these people think of me, I’d be up there (with all those fans) and not down here.

–         We bring in professionals to talk about Twitter, Facebook. We have media training.

–         If you’re on Twitter, don’t respond, don’t read, don’t look at anything else. If you get in a back-and-forth, you’re making a big mistake.


Posted by Neil Horowitz

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