Battle of the Second Screen Sports Apps

Overall observations:

ScoreCenter: This mobile app is great for those most interested in the game and the teams itself – the stats and the highlights and the objective happenings of the game, with some integration of social media and “outsider” perspective and news

SportStream: This app’s versatility [web and mobile] is notable as its unique ability to personalize and contextualize the game experience. While it has some bugs and does not provide nearly the stats and media that ScoreCenter does, it allows for more content from fans, media, etc. The future potential of integrating fan photos more is big, too.

Tagboard: This is currently a web app only, but a mobile app is supposed to be coming soon [though many teams and services integrate Tagboard into their mobile apps/experiences]. While this may have the aesthetics and extensive reach of social networks, it lacks the sophisticated technology to go beyond tracking a single hash tag, that the user must select, at this time.

WHICH IS THE BEST? Share your thoughts in the comments!


Posted by Neil Horowitz

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