Baseball Winter Meetings: Advice and Info for Young Job Seekers


Before I started my current job, I attended the Baseball Winter Meetings to take it all and to seek a possible job. I decided to share my observations and insights, as well as info learned from the speakers and panels there. Read more below!

Advice from the MLB Winter Meetings #SportsJobs Workshop

Some excellent tips and insights from the Jobs Workshop at the Baseball Winter Meetings, from tons of pros and execs from Major League and Minor League Baseball.

Atlanta Braves VP of HR Lara Juras With Sports Job Interview Tips

Great perspective from then-Atlanta Braves head of human resources, Lara Juras, on what they look for in job candidates and how to represent yourself as a good fit and qualified candidate in interviews. (Note: There are TONS of job interviews that take place at the Winter Meetings!)

An Inside Look at the Baseball Winter Meetings #SportsJobs Fair

What does it actually look like, how does it work, what kind of job opportunities are there, and how can you make sure you are prepared? Get a look and feel for what the winter Meetings Job Fair is like.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me via Twitter or LinkedIn.

PS: Also check out an inside look and annotated tour of the Baseball Winter Meetings Trade Show.

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