The Epidemic Affecting Inboxes in Sports Biz

There appears to be an epidemic upon us. No sport is being spared. There are sales calls and emails bombarding sports biz pros at times that simply make no sense.

It’s happening every day and everyone should know better. Sports, and sports business, are extremely cyclical, by nature. There are seasons and offseasons, planning and executing, evaluating and activating — and the schedule is right there for all to see. (There are even handy pocket schedules and refrigerator magnets).

So why is it so many business solutions for sports teams think the best time pitch their product is right in the middle of the season? As I see examples of this being shared by folks in the sports biz, it appears to be off-putting and annoying, let alone ineffective. And the inattention to detail, like forgetting to change a name in a template is the proverbial cherry on top.

james-1      james-2[eric].PNG

It seems like doing the homework should be common sense. But we often take it for granted, in a world of automation and scale. At mobile app developer for sport/venues/colleges Hopscotch, where I work, we talk in terms of sales cycles, budget timelines, and have timelines for teams, leagues, colleges, etc. There is a lot more detail at the individual level in CRM, of course, but at the macro level, just knowing when is the right time to ind a prospect ready to talk elicits enhanced efficiency. And that’s the point here.

The same ideals can and should be embraced by teams themselves. Thinking in terms of planning, budgets, and cycles when it comes to both businesses they approach for corporate partnerships and in many facets of ticket sales (even as last-minute and secondary ticket buyers continue to trend). They have budget cycles, they have busy seasons and less-busy times, and there is a right time to approach them for group tickets, for premium and multi-game plans, for sponsorships.

It should be a lesson to all — to those businesses currently planning to blast the inboxes of unsuspecting sports biz pros while they are preparing for a game and to teams going after business with the goal of the right time (and the right messaging). The only way scale and  automation becomes a good thing is if it’s smart and informed. If you or your team can’t fill in these blanks, the best marketing tools still cannot, either.

We haven’t heard the last of this epidemic, but at least we know the antidote.

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