Sucking Fans In With The Endless Scroll

I don’t have data, but I imagine if you add up the distance traversed by scrolling thumbs on mobile devices daily can probably circle the globe 2-3 times. Whether it’s scrolling down a Facebook or Instagram feed, going through a Snapchat story or Twitter Moment, or even making your way down a website, where there is no end to the content, we’re increasingly a society of scrollers. Waiting for the content that’s thumb-stoppingly good enough to capture attention among the crowd and make us stop the scroll for a second or two.

scrolling-cellphoneBut the endless scroll of social media also means there’s a bottomless bucket of messages to absorb and content to consume. It makes it harder to get noticed, be memorable, and affect a fan in a meaningful way. thoughtful, cohesive Snapchat stories can keep a fan engaged with your team for dozens of seconds and maybe a stunning or provocative Facebook post or Instagram can keep a fan thinking of your team for a minute. But when you can get them to enter your gates and kick back with your content, that is the ultimate win. That is what builds ties for life, emotional connections, and the fan advocates that always have your team top-of-mind.

What is the solution? First, embrace the endless scroll and propensity to consume in seconds, not minutes. Second, consider where the majority of time is being spent — mobile. My job is to work with teams and their mobile apps. The real estate they command on a fan’s home screen and the opportunity for quality time with a fan on a frequent basis is where a team can make hay by giving their fans a sweet, scintillating scroll.

Don’t post a long video or a novel that’ll intimidate with the initial time investment and commitment before diving in. Shorten it for the scroll. Slice it into snacks. Don’t force the fans to engage with content the way you’ve always done it or the way that is easiest for you. Give your fans a fresh supply of content, so they get that special feeling every time they open the app to check in. Keep the sparks in the relationship flying. Cater to them. And roll with the scroll.

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