10 Podcasts for #SportsBiz and #SMSports Pros to Check Out

I have my own podcast, of course, the Digital and Social Media Sports podcast, but find incredible value in listening to other podcasts. I listen while I commute, while exercise, while I work, and sometimes between periods or halves of major sports games! Podcasts can be an endless source of entertainment, but also a really good source of insight, info, and learning. Here are 10 podcasts I listen to regularly that I recommend you give a listen if you work in social media, sports business, digital media, or marketing:

Sports Geek Podcast – This is a podcast run by “Sports Geek” and veteran in the digital sports space, Sean Callanan. He has a range of great guests that work in sports business all around the world and touches on topics like fan engagement, digital resources and implementations, big data in sports, venue activation, and more. Cannot recommend this podcast enough, typically around 40-60 minutes in length. Click here

Sports Business Radio – This is the longest running sports business podcast out there and is run Brian Berger, who also leads the annual Sports PR Summit. This one has a PR bent with a little business and marketing and has on some impressive guests in sports business and sports media to discuss the topics of the day. Give this one a listen as it is both timely and timeless. Typically around 60 minutes in length, posted monthly. Click here

The Tao of Sports – Now with over 500 episodes, this fantastic sports business podcast is run by the venerable Troy Kirby, an industry veteran himself who is a very adept interview and good at dissecting ideas and eliciting insights. He has guests from all verticals of sports business from the pro, college, minor league, and brand/retail space. His three times/week podcast has something for everyone, are highly informative, and a perfect ~ 30-35 minute duration for some quick education a few times each week. Click here

Social Media Examiner – While the creator of this podcast, Michael Stelzner, has a full-length podcast (the Social Media Marketing podcast) I’d also recommend, this one refers to the spin-off, the Social Media Examiner podcast. A daily (weekday), snack of a podcast that offers a short tip and takeaway in the realm of social media marketing. In 6-10 minutes each day, you get a quick lesson in marketing in social media, sometimes focused on a platform, sometimes a concept, sometimes best practices, and more. A great, quick way to infuse every day with a new or refreshed concept. Click here

Social Pros – One of the best podcasts for social media marketers, this weekly show is hosted by Jay Baer and his buddies. Each episode, around 50 minutes in length, involves an in-depth interview with someone that works in social media, typically leading social strategy for a major brand. The show covers a variety of industries with a social media strategic outlook and offers a ton of great ideas and insight helpful for anyone in social media and digital media marketing. Click here

SI Media – Thanks to my begging (okay, maybe not) Richard Deitsch, noted sports media analyst for Sports Illustrated, has recently revamped a podcast – the Sports Illustrated Media podcast. This ~ 60 minute weekly podcast, already rolling in the early going, features two guests that are renowned or influential in the sports media world, especially with some of the major media outlets working on the biggest events. It offers great depth and detail behind the jobs and the events, as well as some fun behind-the-scenes and anecdotes with some of the well-known, magnanimous guests. Click here

Media Masters – This podcast, while it is currently on hiatus and posts only sporadically, is a great collection of annotated biographies with deep dive interviews into the careers and career paths of some of the most successful veterans and up-and-comers in the sports and greater media world. The podcast will certainly teach you about working toward goals and how to navigate the waters on the way to facilitate your path. Hosted by the sharp, witty Peter Stringer (Director of Digital for the Boston Celtics), any time this podcast posts one of its ~ 60 minute episodes is a must-listen. Click here

The Moment – This podcast has been on hiatus the last several weeks, but it is a weekly podcast when it’s rolling and it’s greatly compelling and insightful. Hosted by renowned filmmaker Brian Koppelman, this podcast produced by ESPN/Grantland has extensive interviews with prominent guests from the world of entertainment about their journeys from youth to stardom and everything in between. It offers an uncensored, unique look into the lives of some of the most successful, interesting individuals in pop culture and the ~ 60 minute podcasts are always a great listen. Click here

The Experience – Another podcast produced by ESPN, this weekly (usually) podcast is based around Los Angeles, but offers very good education and information about some of the successful, unique community organizations in the greater sports world. From lesser known community initiatives to prominent pro athletes and their causes and organizations, this podcast not only offers interesting content about stories not often seen on front pages, but instructive lessons on how organizations are built, how sports can inspire action, and the secrets to creating and sustaining success and leadership. These 60 minute podcasts are ably hosted by LaFern Cusack. Click here

The Big Lead – Most sports fans will be familiar with The Big Lead sports blog website and its leader, Jason McIntyre, but he also recently started a weekly (every Sunday) podcast in partnership with Yahoo Sports radio. The 45-60 minute podcasts are more sports news-focused than those previously listed, but offers a bit of a different take, often going into more unique, macro angles behind some of the bigger sports stories, rather than waxing endlessly on the minutiae. Give this one a listen and I think you’ll like it, too. Click here

So next time you are about to fire up Spotify or zone out to your Pandora, fire up a podcast and learn something. You can always check out the DSMSports podcast, too!

What are your favorite podcasts? Any good ones for sports business or social media pros that missed this top ten list? Comment and let me know or tweet me @njh287!

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2 thoughts on “10 Podcasts for #SportsBiz and #SMSports Pros to Check Out

  1. Neil thanks for the shoutout in the post, good selection of podcasts that I listen to as well happy to be included on the list. Others in my listening list include Tim Ferriss, Start Up from Gimlet Media and #AskGaryVee is a good one if you want to stay in front of trends in social & digital marketing.

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