How The Nebraska Huskers Use the Yo App for #SMSports

Yo! The simple, monosyllabic greeting or call for someone’s attention also became the name of a mobile app some months back and, despite some mocking its seeming simplicity at first, the app has proved to be sticky with users. (Learn more about the app) And teams and brands are starting to notice, with the Nebraska Huskers recently making waves in the sports business world, joining the Yo community to connect with fans on the app.
I caught up with the Huskers Director of Digital Media, Kelly Mosier, to discuss the Huskers adoption of the Yo app for a short Q&A with responses in (how else?) Yo-form [mostly]:
Note: One “Yo” for ‘yes’ and two “Yo’s” for ‘no’ and three “Yo’s” for ‘probably’

Neil Horowitz: Do the Huskers believe it is primarily younger fans and students they are reaching on the Yo App?
Kelly Mosier: Yo Yo Yo

NH: Will the Yo App be used most frequently on football game days?
KM: Yo

NH:Is there a defined business strategy for how Nebraska plans to use the Yo App?
KM: Yo (loosely, mostly play it by ear to see how it develops)

NH: Is Nebraska the first major sports program to utilize the Yo App?
KM: Yo Yo Yo Yo (I have no idea but doubt it. I followed the World Cup on it this summer)

NH: Have fans been active responding in-kind with Yo’s when receiving Yo’s from the Huskers?
KM: Yo Yo Yo (again, no idea, the API access is a little rough, so, right now, it’s broadcast only and no receiving)

NH: Does Nebraska’s use of Yo rank lower on the priority scale compared to the bigger touch points– Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, et al.?
KM: Oh Yo

NH: Is the adoption of Yo by the Huskers a directive from the top, as opposed to the Huskers digital team taking it upon themselves to experiment with the newer platform?
KM: Yo Yo (we’re mainly having fun)

NH: Have the Huskers surpassed expectations so far with fan response from the Yo App?
KM: [Day 1, no idea]

NH: Do many Huskers alumni and older fans use the Yo App?
Yo Yo Yo

NH: Has Yo reached out to the Huskers regarding your use of the app yet?
KM: Yo

NH: Are the Huskers on Yo for the long run versus treating it as an ongoing experiment?
KM: Yo Yo Yo –Everything is an ongoing experiment. We’ll drop Twitter tomorrow if everyone leaves.

Thanks so much to Kelly Mosier for his time and discussing the Huskers’ recent adoption of Yo! Learn more about the Nebraska Huskers. Go Huskers on Saturday? “Yo.” Also, listen to the DSMSports podcast episode with Kelly, from earlier this summer.

Posted by Neil Horowitz

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