Helpful Tools Shared on the Digital & Social Media Sports Podcast

After six episodes of the DSMSports Podcast, here is the list of Helpful Tools for sports marketers, each one shared in an episode of the Digital & Social Media Sports podcast. I hope these help you learn more and/or make your job easier. Be sure to add your suggestions and/or SHARE THIS!

1. StatigramA website [on desktop and mobile] that provides free analytics about your Instagram account[s], such as: top posts, top users, most active users, time of day, hash tags, and more! A lot of helpful information and data on this website to optimize [and learn about] your Instagram efforts.

2. TweetReach: A great freemium website to look for the most far-reaching an influential tweets/users for a given topic, keyword, or hash tag. Just input  your area of interest and discover the tweets that had furthest reach [most impressions], as well as the users with biggest reach tweeting about a given area of interest. Great to find influencers in your industry and engage and see what content goes far.


3. Alexa: A freemium website with a lot of helpful information about any domain on the Internet, including its  global and US traffic rank, geographical info about its visitors, search queries leading to traffic to the site, and more. It is especially helpful to evaluate websites and/or blogs you discover and decipher if a website has the reach or reputability to merit attention or action on your organization’s behalf.

4. Komfo Facebook AnalyticsA freemium website worth checking out for any Facebook Page administrator, Komfo provides analytics that go beyond Facebook insights with metrics like: viral reach, percent of page fans seeing a post [versus overall Facebook users, including friends of fans], click-through rates on any content shared, and more. Give it a look and see what you can learn about any and all pages you run!

5. FollowerWonk: A freemium tool that lets you dive deep into every facet of your Twitter followers [or anyone’s Twitter followers; verification not needed]. Learn more details about your followers and their profiles/behaviors than you could imagine, including info about their interests, profiles, level of activity, daypart trends, and more. One can even identify Twitter users in a given field/area by using FollowerWonk to search keywords and hash tags across Twitter bios.

6. Topsy: A freemium website that allows one to search across Twitter and other social sites based on keywords and hash tags. Topsy will provide top posts, as well as the quantity of posts/mentions over a stipulated period of time. This is an especially helpful tool to track a hash tag [e.g. for a contest], track volume of mentions [e.g. for a campaign or to judge awareness and share of voice], and to locate old posts [find your first tweet ever!]. Topsy is a versatile tool that every social media professional can have some fun with.

Look for the next episode of the Digital and Social Media Sports podcast next week [11/12] with another great guest, helpful tool, and shareable stat!

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