2013 Minor League Baseball Promotions Seminar: Highlights and Takeaways

This past week, the 2013 Minor League Baseball Promotions Seminar was held in Louisville, Kentucky, where some creative ideas were shared from some of the acclaimed minds throughout the minor league baseball world. View some of the best tweets and ideas shared in the presentation below.

Some key takeaways:

  • Maximize effect of all touch points with fans; fit seamlessly into their day/activity
  • Don’t underestimate the importance of first and last impressions with fans
  • Everything you own that fans want [or have an affinity for] has value and can be branded (if something is unsold to a sponsor, use it for in-house branding and advertising!)
    • There is no limit to spreading a team’s brand, logo, message, players, etc.
  • Integrate the team into the community; little acts of goodwill go a long way and are good media content
  • Think about using the value of your unique assets to create unique and valued memories for as many fans as you can at every event every day

Posted by Neil Horowitz

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