#Sportsbiz Stats Worth Sharing and Considering, Part 2

Every episode of the Digital and Social Media Sports podcast includes a “sharable stat,” a compelling statistic related to the digital and social media sports world. Here, I present part 2 (part 1 here) of some of these sharable stats for your easy enjoyment…and sharing and learning! THE STATS –

After launching their mobile app during the 2013 NFL season, the Kansas City Chiefs were seeing 5,000 mobile app downloads/week

Every brand, team, and media outlet needs a mobile application these days and, once launched, the burden falls upon said team, brand, or media outlet to: create custom content, make other content optimized for a mobile environment, draw frequent return use, monetize engagement on the app, collect data from app usage, and more. Creating the app and prompting fans to download it is merely the beginning of what absolutely must be an all-in commitment from top-to-bottom and not a ‘launch it and forget it’ mindset.

There is an average 98% open rate on SMS messages

Teams and organizations, excited as ever about so many digital and non-digital fan touch points, must not forget that nearly everyone has a phone and knows how to send and receive text messages (and data availability is increasingly less of a concern). Even the biggest modern-day Luddite will send and receive texts. Campaigns utilizing this medium, if not abused or done excessively, can still be incredibly powerful to drive fan action and disseminate messaging/content. 98% open rate says it all, if you can find your way into the inbox, that is.

(After Scribble Live partnered w/ Football League in UK on a social media hub) – Thus far the dwell time has seen an increase from the mentioned 1min 20secs to a much more impressive 3mins 42secs. – 178% increase

I’m by no means a strong advocate of the huge ROI/value of social media hubs; in fact, I’m more a skeptic than anything else. They can often be visually appealing, cool for a social media manager or die-hard fan or reporter, but the traffic, and the ROI, often leave a bit to be desired. Every social aggregation and display platform seems to think their hub is the best, but none seem to be able to take a strong foothold in the  space (though physical display has done better). Does this Scribble Live success story change your mind or at least get you thinking?

67% of sports fans supplement their TV viewing experience with a second screen

Still not convinced sports fans like to augment their live TV viewing experience with a second screen of some sort? This stat says it all and is likely even higher in certain sports and in certain demographics. Are you serving content they want at this time? If fans aren’t consuming your content during the game, they’re consuming content from another source, to be  sure.

Only 6% of NFL fans have actually attended a live NFL game. (@NationalSportsForum)

This is an astounding stat that may either encourage or discourage sports marketers. On the one hand, there is an issue of getting more fans out to games (and clearly there are several that have yet to go). And, on the other hand, there are millions of engaged fans, largely on digital and social, that can be monetized and engaged! How do you see it?

From 2008-2013, live consumption of news dropped from 98% to 70% whereas live consumption of sports maintained, going from 98% to 97%.

This is why live sports is THE valuable commodity left in TV / media. Smart TV’s and DVR’s will continue to proliferate, thereby driving down even further the live consumption of TV, but sports will remain. Don’t let partners (and yourselves) forget it.

Sports comprises 1.5% of TV programming, but accounts for 50% of activity on Twitter

A popular stat, that may have even increased since it was a first cited, which shows just how much sports on TV and Twitter go together. Is there a plateau, however, as the number of domestic Twitter users hits a ceiling? Regardless, sports will continue to be THE king of dual screen media consumption now and in the future.

Posted by Neil Horowitz

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