Insights and Stats from Exact Target’s ET13 Conference

Several experts, businesses, and vendors came together at digital marketing solutions company Exact Target’s national conference, where there was a lot of great observations, stats, and insights shared via Twitter, including keynotes from such icons as Walter Isaacson, Jay Baer, and Condoleezza Rice.


– 62% of marketers have personalization on their short list for 2013. (Forrester Research)

– 76% of a large retailer’s audience opened their emails on mobile at least once.

– For emails: click-through rate averages 13% on mobile, but 25% on desktop.

– When Warby Parker cannot answer a tweeted question in 140 characters, they record a YouTube video and tweet a link to it.

– Cross-channel isn’t about cannibalizing [other channels]. It’s about meeting customers on their terms.

-Top 10 elements to test in email optimization:

Images off rendering, Pre-header, Responsive design, Daypart, Images, Image placement, Ratings/Reviews, Browse Abandon, Email Sign-up popup, Video

– Buyers don’t care about your products & features – target messages to their pains and challenges. Sales can be a great resource to uncover those.

– You are 100x more likely to close a sale if you talk to a prospect within 5 minutes of inquiry first being submitted.

– CareerBuilder saw a 21-25% increase in click-through rates after implementing responsive design email templates.

– Understand what is in the box before thinking outside of it. Creativity without knowledge without knowledge can be a dangerous thing.

– There are 25 pre-installed apps on iPhone, 21 on iPad, 30 on Windows phones.

– Tablets and smart phones have longer video viewing time than desktop.

– Only half of gmail users are using an environment that has gmail tabs.

– 7 out of 10 mobile consumers will delete an email if it is not optimized for mobile.

– Proprietary audience development is now a core marketing responsibility.

– On average, people receive 416 promotional emails per month.

– Mobile coupons drive 10x the redemption rate of traditional coupons.

– The average open rate of SMS and MMS promotions/offers is 98%

– 2010: the average American consumer needed 5.3 sources to make a decision.

2011: 10.4 sources.

– 45% of emails are opened on mobile devices.

– Which is more buyer-focused: a buyers’ guide or vendor comparison guide? Think like a buyer!

– 75% of mobile users are more likely to take an action after seeing a location-specific message.

– High effort content converts the best, but low content effort is distributed the best.

– Only 1.7% of people want to read a whitepaper over 5 pages.

– Taco Bell sells more tacos when it’s 60 degrees or more, thus increasing media spend accordingly. Let data drive your decisions.

– The CMO should be the interface between the customer and the company.

– Personalized ads convert almost 80-100% higher than traditional.

– Every 12 minutes: 2 million tweets, 10 million Facebook posts, 5 million Bazaarvoice reviews read by online shoppers.

– The real value of email is the data it produces.

– Not all insights are actionable. Not all data is insightful.

– “Lead with a sense of optimism, don’t go in with an attitude that things are bad. You need to look forward, not back.” – Condoleezza Rice

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